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Who is Ruud de Korte

In the real world

Ruud is a professional photographer/image artist.  

 As a photographer he can shape the light the way he wants and makes professional portraits for social media. 

Besides of that Ruud has a keen eye in capturing the atmosphere. From straight pure business and landscapes to ethereal cinematic stills.


He's based in The Netherlands but doesn't take himself very Dutch. Ruud prefers to call himself an European. He is an observer pur sang and is always curious in what moves a person, bringing out his personality and capture it's portrait. 

Ruud has build a good name in the branche and can talk very enthusiastic about his photography for groups and he organizes workshops with models for photographers.

Not The Real World

As a kid Ruud dreamt about fantasy worlds. Today Ruud creates fantasy images himself. He's well known and involved in the European fantasy scene and has many contacts in the underground scene

Ruud's work has been featured in several digital and paper publications. His style is unique and recognized as art in Hollywood, U.K, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Italy and Switzerland. 

Ruud followed the Graphic school of Arts. His knowledge of colour conversions made a pioneer in mastering and creating colour management workflows in the 1990's. The knowledge of color conversions brought him up to here.

Interview with Ruud de Korte on Steampunk Journal 

A Dutch interview with Ruud

He published a book about steampunk photography entitled Steampunk Empire.

Space Machine Imagery

From his home country The Netherlands he raised in 2010 his company Space Machine Imagery. Under this name Ruud can be hired to photograph fantasy events worldwide or hired as a speaker about his style and colour workflow at photo associations.  

He's also a keen organizer of workshops for photographers in fantasy themes. The workshops are always in highdemand and get booked very quickly.  Ask for enquiries.

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