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Tutorials for the experienced

Disclaimer: Use the Google translate function! Only in Dutch, but it's always nice to hear my voice :-) Use the Google translate function.

Instructional videos for advanced users via my Youtube channel. About image editing, which software is useful and how a computer can see colors. Reports on traveling to festivals and how to add atmosphere to images. These videos are best viewed on a large screen.

Easy Color Temperature editing

Here I'll teach you how to edit with color temperature in a few easy steps or how to switch from the left original photo to the right.

About using real smoke backdrops

Short impression about the workshop I gave in Germany about shooting outdoors using smoke tablets. There's only 20 seconds of white smoke, how do you use it. 

The Dark Side of Colour Management

Why do images appear different when you post them on social media?

Whether you know anything about color management or not. This is the biggest pitfall you can fall into. Art Directors, Designers, Photographers and other serious creatives: This is what you MUST know!

Creating your own 3D LUT profiles in Adobe ACR

A hands-on instruction and the theory behind it to be able to create your own RAW profile plus incorporate your own RGB edits into it. This is for the very advanced user and the serious Pro.

Quickly choose the best photo from a series

Here I show you how to choose a photo from a series of 27 almost identical photos within 5 minutes.

I use Lightroom and keyboard shortcuts with functions such as black and white flags. I don't explain the basics of these because they are in the help files. Therefore this tutorial is meant for advanced users.

Color Grading

A tutorial on color grading that starts from the basics. Every modern version of Lightroom 2021 onward has a different and better interface, making it intuitive but aso more complicated. However, you need the basics and I explain the theory behind it here.
Where does it come from, how can you apply it and what should you especially not do.

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