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Price List

Professional Portrait

Professional Portrait is the name of a photography package and contains the collaboration with a Make Up Artist on location with our portable smart studio based on portraits in high volume. Make Up, Hair do or Touch up plus Three portraits by email for €75 per individual.


If you want your wedding to have the ‘fantasy’ touch this is my start price:

€2160 euro incl all photo’s edited. This is for photographing all day in The Netherlands. Anything is possible. Just give me a call or get in touch for options.

City and country branding, architecture, tourism

Communication officers of city councils, countries and NGO organizations who need a fresh image of their known territories can hire me for shooting the city- or landscape from an out of the box point of view. This will be project based so please Contact me


€85 per person per day. Groups are limited to 8 photographers maximum.


If you want me as an inspiring and motivating speaker in a photo meeting my hour price is €70. If you want a dedicated speech with technical instructions about how I create my images I charge €140 per hour. Prices based on an audience of 20 people maximum.

Speaking for an audience larger than 20 like on a congress: Email me for pricing

Event Photography

If you want me to be your event photographer I charge €1200 per day part based on 8 hours. +125% after 20:00 hr. All photos are full edited and placed on a link where the images can be downloaded after signing in with a given password. All images will be cropped, undone from blemishes, standard touch up like red eye removal. If you wish my "Magic Touch" then ask me separately

Packshot photography

Packshot photography is done in my studio. If this isn't possible I come over with my portable studio. Travel costs will then be charged separately. Objects are photographed on a white, black or chroma key background based on your preferences. Usage is for catalogs, web shops, or an internet site. The price is based on a setup cost of €35 per day. Note that these packaging prices are without BTW / VAT  

1-19 objects = €19 per photo

20-49 objects = €16 per photo

50-99 objects = €13 per photo

100 - 149 objects = €11 per photo

150+ = €6 per photo

Hourly rates vary depending on the activity. Prices include VAT except for packaging rates.  Prices exclude the services of make up artists and stylists but can be included on request. Travel costs, location permits like a photo shoot in a castle and eventual hotel overstay costs are charged separately, depending on the travel distance.

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